Art and Fashion

  • The artist K8 Hardy higly considers the impact of fashion in our lives. This weekend, the artist held an eclectic real fashion show, though she says that "we tried to approach the performance art and the experimental theater", with models covered with paint on their faces as they walked backwards, made slow movements from top to bottom, or even stumbled. What's wrong? Nothing except that the fashion show was held at the Whitney Museum, a famous American museum.The visual artist K8 Hardy, already well known in the art world for its multimedia performance and for its cult zine FashionFashion, has created a collection of over 30 pieces for the exhibition at the Whitney Biennial 2012. For Hardy, the performance was a way to create a dialogue-provoking on fashion consumerism and how it affects society perception of women, rather than a vehicle for showing off her design work.The fact is, that the convergence between art and fashion is a phenomenon that is becoming more obvious and interesting, overlapping worlds so strong that he could not understand who is inspired to whom and when, to overturn the stereotype of fashion inspired by the art , in the new parallel universe is the art which is inspired by fashion, in a temporal continuum of creative exchange.