Russia's presidential election: some 6000 foreign citizen to co

  • Russia's presidential election: some 6000 foreign citizen to complete the vote

    cheap dre beats Russia's foreign ministry spokesman luca bits)'s 27 confirmed that, on that day by more than 6000 foreign citizen to complete for Russia for the 2012 presidential election early voting.

    Luca's up said, according to the Russian central election commission arrangement, 378 constituencies of the election committee in a distributed in 92 overseas 166 cities and villages and other settlements of Russian citizens early voting will be carried out. By 27 February morning, has more than 6000 overseas Russian voters have voted dr dre beats sale .

    It is reported, this election is the earliest voting overseas by living in Norway all of the city's fiesta 84 Russian citizens to vote, and is located in the JiBuDiGang Russian navy Pacific fleet 514 soldiers in February 22 completed early voting. And the previous parliamentary elections similar, outside the vote is the most active areas in Bulgaria, uzbekistan, Latvia and kyrgyzstan.

    Luca's up said, outside the voting procedure has already entered the decisive phase. Russia's presidential election in 2012 early voting procedures in December 17 in remote republic and outside polling stations start, involved in the total registered voters and about 1% of the voters, early voting in elections on March 3, "silence," over , cheap beats by dre。
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